Tona Man


Tona Construction and Management utilizes a modern building approach that integrates within the distinct row house style that is synonymous to Brooklyn's heritage. In doing so, the corporation is able to promote their immediate and long-term goal to continue to sculpt a neighborhood that offers clean, efficient housing with central activity hubs and offer convenience and beauty to its residents and locals.

A much needed and one of Tona Construction and Management's pride and joy in the resurrection of Brooklyn's first boutique hotel – right in the heart of the Park Slope area. Sleek, modern and elegantly appointed rooms for overnight guests or longer.

From the strength of the foundation to the most minute of crown molding details to the quality life our structures can bring a family. Tona Construction and Management and its network are fully engaged, in every way possible.


Tona Property Management is a dedicated team of real estate experts working throughout various sites across Brooklyn. Not only do we manage the properties of our clients, but our Construction Branch develops the sites. This means we know the insides and outsides of each individual housing complex. What this means for our client’s is that when it comes to everyday issues ranging from rent to a leaky faucet, we’ll be able to cater to each issue individually.


Tona Construction, a dedicated to preserving Brooklyn's historic past while shaping the future of Brooklyn in its landscape, skyline and property value. Harmony of the past and the future is of our utmost and primary concern. We are Brooklyn's emerging group of elite land developers with a network of world-class   architects, builders, strategists, realtors, and a support team to rival all others.      

Joli on Guider 

Joli on Guider located at 3440 Guider Ave in Brighton Beach Brooklyn just steps away from the historical Coney Island Boardwalk.

Joli offers 34 rental apartments ranging from studios , 1 & 2 bedrooms, with optional terrace or balcony.