About Tona Construction & Management

Tona Construction and Management is a family-owned business that utilizes a modern building approach with a distinct style that pays homage to the heritage of each asset’s neighborhood. In doing so, the corporation is able to promote their immediate and long-term goal: to continue to sculpt a neighborhood that offers clean, efficient housing with central activity hubs, as well as offer convenience and beauty to its residents and the local community.

From the strength of the foundation to the most minute details, our structures can bring a family together. Tona Construction and Management and its network strive for excellence are fully engaged in every way possible.


Meet the Team


Domenick Tonacchio

Beginning his career in 1985, Domenick Tonacchio founded his first business – DT Supply, a plumbing supply company – in Brooklyn, NY. Going on to diversify his business holdings, Mr. Tonacchio would eventually form a sister company to his initial venture, DT Bath Plus Corp – building the largest kitchen and bathroom showroom in Brooklyn – as well as United Cabinet Corp. Manufacturing Factory in East New York, Brooklyn – a factory manufacturing all-wood kitchen cabinets and all-wood countertops. There, he held contracts with New York City Housing Authority, Philadelphia Housing Authority, and the New Jersey Housing Authority, totaling approximately four million dollars. 

In addition to his business holdings, Mr. Tonacchio became involved in the real estate business in the 1980's as an owner/developer under the name T&L Investors Corp., using the name Tona Construction and Management, LLC to act as the General Contractor and Construction Manager. He began by purchasing a small number of family buildings in Brooklyn as investment properties, the renovation and construction of which were all were done by Tona Construction and Management, LLC. After completing each project, Mr. Tonacchio was able to substantially create and increase the value of his real estate portfolio and have led him to acquire the prowess of industry which he maintains to this day.


Yelena Saturn 
Chief Financial Officer

Yelena obtained her MBA in Accounting and Business Management from Colorado State University. She has been working for Tona for the past 16 years. 


Danielle Tonacchio
Chief Operating Officer

Danielle received her BS from the University of Massachusetts. She joined the family business a few years ago and now manages the rental properties, spanning from New York to Florida, as well as office operations and building design.

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Frankie Tonacchio
Vice President

Frankie is following his father footsteps, fortifying the Tona brand. He is focused on overseeing and improving all company operations, from construction to the acquisition of future projects.

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